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Get to Know Somocom Lab

We all have feelings.

Since 2021, Somocom Lab has been on a mission to help people feel their feelings. People have difficulty communicating when they do not have the words they need to express themselves or the right tools to manage their emotions effectively. That doesn't mean one has to be an open book wearing their heart on their sleeve; it can look like finally processing an argument you had with a friend a long time ago, advocating for oneself during conflict, reducing the length of a

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depressive episode, or finding peace in the midst of chaos. These are just a few examples where emotional intelligence and wellness can With the resources we create in the "Lab", parents, educators, and workplace leaders can create emotionally healthy and safe environments that foster positive relationships and communication. 

Our mission is to help people, young and old, communicate and connect more effectively by increasing their emotional intelligence and improving their emotional wellness.

Fun fact: Somocom (pronounced sō-mō-com) is social-emotional communication put together and is a completely made-up word!

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REACHING People Where They Are

The most successful people have the highest emotional intelligence, and that starts with creating emotionally healthy and safe environments for all.


We approach emotional intelligence in communication with the REACH Method of Emotional Intelligence™ which promotes:

  • RESPECTing all people as humans

  • EMPOWERing them in who they are and where they are

  • ADAPTing to their needs and temperament

  • CARing about the little things

  • HEARing what is said and not said 

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