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Get to Know Somocom Lab

We know what you're going through.

Raising and educating kids with their own personalities and challenges is not easy. Add in a global pandemic and everything feels impossible. Two things that we know work when teaching kids anything is play and body movement. Somocom Lab puts those two things together to teach kids how to understand what they are feeling and what to do with their bodies in those feelings.


Somocom (pronounced sō-mō-com) stands for social and emotional communication. Kids have difficulty communicating when they do not have the words they need to express themselves. With the resources we create in the "lab", parents, caregivers, and educators can help kids have fun while learning how to communicate their feelings through words, play, and movement.

It Takes a Village

Somocom Lab's mission is to build children's confidence, resilience, and communication skills while supporting adults in creating emotionally safe and healthy environments for kids in their care.


The focus is on everyone in a child's life.

That includes the parent, family members, caregivers, educators, mental health professionals, and workplaces worldwide. You are who we are here to serve!


The EQ Kids Crew was created as a community that gives kids of all backgrounds a place to feel loved, accepted, and emotionally free. 

School Kids Meditating


REACHING Kids Where They Are

The earlier children learn about their emotions, the more successful they will be in their personal and professional lives.


When kids can recognize their emotions and express their feelings, they can better know what to do to manage their behaviors and reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of tantrums and emotional outbursts. 

All children deserve respect, love, and the ability to express themselves in a positive and safe space that promotes and provides healthy behavior management and lots of patience and forgiveness. 

We approach children with the REACH Method of Emotional Intelligence™ which promotes respecting all children as humans, empowering them in who they are, adapting to their needs and temperament, caring about the little things, and hearing what they say and are not saying.  

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Meet our Founder

Chelsea is passionate and excited about changing the narrative around mental health, mental illness, and emotional wellness in children.

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