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Create Emotionally Safe Spaces for Your Students

Our current partners include...

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Supporting everyone in your network


Whether you already have social-emotional curriculum or are looking for one, we have what you need to enhance what you have or create what you need.


"It takes a village to raise a child" is much more than an old proverb. Providing support to everyone in the community impacts each child in their own way. 


The better families are supported, the better outcomes your students will have. Parents and caregivers play a major role in SEL. We have tools and resources to support them.

Our partnership packages include...

Our commitment to you

Somocom Lab is committed to providing our community partners with the resources, training, and workshops to implement our research-based social-emotional learning program seamlessly. Our goals are to ensure your staff feels supported as they care for dozens of children daily, and to provide your children with the emotional support they need to be successful throughout life. 

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Bring the gift of emotional intelligence to your community!

"This is a great program! The students love writing in their journals every day!"

Afterschool Program Director

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