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You don't have to do this alone

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes that village is found outside of your family. This journey is not always going to be easy. Let's do this thing together.

Parenting is not easy for anyone, and it is even more complicated if you are trying to raise your kids differently than you were raised. We are here to help and encourage you on your conscious, gentle, and positive parenting journey. You will be able to identify the root of your challenges, discover ways to support yourself and your kids based on your individual needs and learn how to respectfully and confidently set AND enforce boundaries with those who may hinder your progress.


Yes, the world can be cruel, but our kids need to know they have a safe space to be themselves, know they are loved as they are, and can practice the life skills they need to succeed. That place should be at home. 

Remember, you have everything in you to be a great parent. Let's uncover that greatness together.

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