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Unleash the Emotional Superhero in Every Child with EQ Kids Crew®!


Dive into a world where emotions are not just understood but celebrated! With EQ Kids Crew® from Somocom Lab, transform every game night or classroom session into an adventure of self-discovery. 🌟


Empower your child to:

  • Identify Their Feelings: With 48 easily understood emotions and kid-friendly definitions.
  • Manage Their Emotions: Learn 10 essential body-regulating techniques to navigate intense feelings.
  • Step into Others' Shoes: 14 real-life scenarios foster empathy, allowing kids to understand and relate to diverse emotions and experiences in others.


Wrapped in non-competitive fun, seven vibrant characters guide kids aged 3-12 on their journey to emotional wellness. The result? Confident children ready to express, manage, and cherish their emotions.


Bring the magic of emotional intelligence to your home or classroom with EQ Kids Crew®.


Because understanding feelings is the first step to a brighter, happier future.



This set is all-inclusive to add some extra layers of fun to your game experience:


  • This 5-inch spinning wheel features the seven core emotions to randomize card selection.
  • The 80-page EQ Kids Crew! Writing + Drawing Journal is great to use while playing the game or anytime your child wants to write or draw how they're feeling.
  • The little octopus helps reduce anxiety and calm the mind. It features three facial expressions (happy, mad, and worried) and doubles as a fidget spinner and pop-it.
  • The Comfort Bag is a great addition to the full set bundle for game storage and other comforting items your kids want to carry around with them.


The program can be used in various ways to suit educators' needs, whether in a group or 1 on 1.

EQ Kids Crew - Full Bundle Set

  • Cards size: 4.75" x 2.75"

    1 Instructions card

    48 Emotions

    14 Scenarios

    10 Calm + comfort coping techniques

    1 5-inch spinning wheel (for children 3+)

    1 8" x 6" dotted journal

    1 fidget spinner pop-it

    1 drawstring Comfort Bag (8" x 12")

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